Lowe’s, one of the leading home improvement entities in the United States, needed to create a more integrated consumer experience for their Build and Grow program, which encourages hands-on activities in-store and at home. However, the nature of the program promoted a silo-like environment – failing to merge Build and Grow with not only Lowe’s as a store, but also stopping short at monitoring and managing a heavy social media presence. This created a skewed brand, as well as lost opportunities. 

In a collaboration with Lowe’s Experience Partner Strottman, we coordinated an integrated multi-channel approach across consumer touch points. – Strottman partners with leading companies to design and manufacture innovative custom product programs through what they call “Product Play” the strategic use of physical products to engage customers in memorable brand experiences.

With over 3 million kids (and parents) attending last year alone, more customers visit Lowe’s more often spending more money. From learning to build for the first time to loving to build for a lifetime, the “Build and Grow” experience for kids turns into fierce brand loyalty for Lowe’s.

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